Technical data one-phase transformers

T.O = open, vacuum varnished
T.V = potted in a housing

Temperature class
T40/B, on request insulation class F (155°C)

Protective class
IP00 (for mounting in an appliance)


48 Hz up to 400 Hz, other frequencies than 50 Hz lead to another power at the same type size

Safety standards VDE/SEV
open and potted: EN 61558

Safety standards UL/CSA
on request UL/CSA materials or UL-approval

Test voltage
EN 61558-1: 2500 V pri - sec
EN 61558-2-1/4: 4000 V pri - sec

Resistance to short-circuiting
short circuit protected up to 2,4 VA
conditionally short circuit protected with
- temperature fuse
- temperature switch
- mini fuse
in other case no resistance to short-circuiting

DIN 41302, 1 or 2 chamber versions
material: Polyamid 6 gf class B = 130°C with UL approval UL 94 HB

Polyester class B = 130°C with UL approval UL 94 V0

Copper wire
Polyurethane mod. class F = 155°C with UL approval
min. 0,04 mm, max. flat copper with ca. 500 qmm

made of Cu-foil, reduces the max. power

Transformer core lamination
conform DIN 41302
M530-50A, 0,5 mm thick (1,0 W/kg losses at 1,7 T) or
M111-35N, 0,35 mm thick (1,1 W/kg losses at 1,5 T)

Solder lugs above EI 48
Free wires
Stranded flexible wires
Terminals above EI 60
Flat plugs
Pin plugs above EI 48
Cable lugs
Mounting on a printed circuit board (Print)

Base angle
Distance bolts
Holes in the core
Mounting covers

min. 0,1 V
max. depends on the type size
for EI 78 and vacuum potting: 5000 V


min. 0 A
max. depends on the type size
fpr EI 150 ca. 500 A

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