Adjustment transducer

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Toroidal impedance transducer 3 ohm to 4 ohm

Adjustment transducer

BV 1327001a

Customer’s demand

For an ideal impedance matching of three independent outputs with various impedances we are looking for a transducer that has low stray fields and is distortion-free. Furthermore it needs galvanic separation and very low losses.


We design a toroidal transducer which can translate from 3 ohm to 4 ohm 50 watts, 4 ohm 25 watts and 100 V 50 watts. With a winding structure for low stray fields and a very good coupling we achieve best signalling and an optimal impedance matching.

Technical data

Primary: 3 ohm
Secondary 1: 4 ohm 50 W
Secondary 2: 4 ohm 25 W
Secondary 3: 100 V 50 W
Weight: 0,9 kg
Dimensions: Ø85 mm x 45 mm

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