Application of toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers are technically the best transformers. They almost reach the characteristics of the physically ideal transformer. Small air gap, low weight, high induction, low warming and no hum noise are the clear advantages of toroidal transformers.

Medical engineering:
Defibrillation devices, dental technology and man-made kidneys. We are also able to manufacture transformers with decreased leakage current conform to EN 60742. By using a special construction and special insulation, it is possible to reach very good technical values.

Traffic technology:
Railway technology, automotive engineering, aviation and space and traffic lights, such as signal givers have use for toroidal transformers because of their low weight. Application with 400 Hz and higher can be assembled by using c-cores.

Illumination technology:
Conform to EN 60598-2-6 VDE 0711 (lamps with built in transformers for light bulbs), toroidal transformers are suitable for this technology - usually as potted version. Like this it is even possible to make extraordinary geometric forms for designer objects.

Audio technology:
Toroidal transformers find use in audio devices, mostly as power transformers due to their low weight. Sometimes they are also used as transformer with low stray fields for preamplifiers. Adapting transformers, impedance transformer, 100 V Ela-Technology-Transformers. We also build transformers for impedance adaption, e.g. 100 V to 4 Ohm. Feel free to send an inquiry.

Photovoltaic systems:
Inverters of photovoltaic systems also have need for toroidal transformers. The usually low output voltage is increased. The high efficiency of toroidal transformers is what counts here. We are able to optimise them to the last milliwatt of iron and copper losses.

Here toroidal transformers can be found because of strict space limitations. Toroidal transformers can be adjusted nicely when it comes to diameter and height.

For electrical metrology, toroidal transformers are used as current transformers, transducers or as power supply with low stray fields. Not only the winding ratio is similar to the ideal transformer, also the precision of the transmission (distortion factor) meets the requirements. The lab devices norm DIN EN 61010 VDE 0411 can be redeemed.

Power supply:
Power supplies use toroidal transformers in general because of the advantages mentioned before. The low inner resistance also allows an use for devices of line simulation.

For household and office devices toroidal transformers are preferred due to the low weight. Norms like IEC 65 VDE 0860 (requirements of mains operated electronic and related apparatus for household and similar general use) and IEC 380 VDE 0860 (safety of electric energised office machines) can be fulfilled.

Welding technology:
Welding devices of all kinds like ultrasonic welding appliances, plastic welding appliances or metal welding appliances have built in toroidal transformers with high or low power. The low weight is of high importance for portable devices. The low inner resistance helps to increase the welding currents.

Control cabinets:
Switchboards also use toroidal transformers. They are fast and easy to mount on track rails (e.g. NS35).

To supply machines like textile machines of the paper industry, toroidal transformers are suitable.

Environmental technology:
Applications in environmental technologies and in safety engineering, e.g. completely potted, are prevailing as well.

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