Rogowski sensor current transducer

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Rogowski coil

BV 1560004a and 1533038d


Current transducers (rogowski coils) are toroidal coils without ferromagnetic core and thus they count as air coil. These coils are used to measure alternating currents touchless. The concept is based on the voltage that is induced by alternating current in air coils. To measure currents in a conductor, the coil is placed around the current-carrying conductor. The current flowing in this conductor generates a magnetic field, which induces a voltage in the rogowski coil / transducer. The height of the induced voltage is used as measured variable for the conductor current.


- sturdy construction
- no damage of the transmitter due to current peaks
- not linear influence of the iron core nonexistent
- current measurement without opening the circuit
- big current measurement range (several kA)
- big frequency range (1 Hz - 1 MHz-area)






30 kA

6 mV

30 mm

5 mm

50 kA

8 mV

40 mm

6 mm

80 kA

8 mV

60 mm

7 mm

100 kA

10 mV

80 mm

8 mm

150 kA

12 mV

120 mm

12 mm

200 kA

15 mV

250 mm

15 mm

Technical changes and optimisation reserved. All details are guide values, variations are possible.


Rogowski transducerBV 23098001

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