Toroidal-transformer for railway technology

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Power toroidal transformer for power supply free-of-ground

Power toroidal transformer

BV 1497001

Customer demand

For the maintenance of ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn we need a potential free and ungrounded power supply with 5 kVA power. The transformer should do a safe separation and may not weigh too much as it will be mounted in mobile devices. That is why a solid mounting needs to be possible. As the transformer will always be connected to the mains on primary, the standby losses should be low.


We build an isolation transformer for the Deutsche Bahn conform to EN 61558 2-4 as toroidal core version. Like this we manage very low weight, high efficiency and a very low no-load current. The toroidal transformer has a core made of corn oriented, glowed iron silicon tape with a thickness of 0,3 mm. The direction of the tape complies the direction of the magnetic flow. Because of this the losses are smaller than with any lamination sheet version. The mounting is done in the rest hole by having two screws with barbs potted. Additionally there is a metal sheet as further mounting possibility.

Technical data

Primary: 230 V
Secondary: 230 V
Current: 21,8 A
Power: 5000 VA
Dimensions: Ø360 mm x 150 mm
Weight: ca. 75 kg

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