Special toroidal transformer with choke

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Combination of choke and toroidal transformer with terminals

Toroidal transducing transformer

BV 16211094

Customer demand

To supply our sensitive electronics the transformer may by no means transmit mains disturbances. The power supply voltage has to consist of four galvanically isolated circuits. A choke with high inductance is supposed to increase the interference immunity even more. For an easy wiring it would be preferred, if the transformer had terminals.


We build a toroidal isolating transformer conform to EN 61558 2-4 with very low standby current. The toroidal transformer has one primary and one secondary screen. Both screens are isolated from each other with a 5 kV separation. Transformer, choke and terminals are held together by a mounting panel. To avoid heat accumulation a central hole for ventilation is available.

Technical data

Primary: 230 V
Secondary 1 - 4: 4 x 19-0-19 V 0,8 A
2 screens

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