Toroidal transducing transformer 4800 W

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Toroidal transducing transformer 4,8 kW for mobile power supplies with increased Uk

Toroidal transducing transformer

BV 1366005b

Customer demand

We’d like to build a mobile power supply with 4,8 kW power for jeeps, which is firmly integrated in the car. The transformer should be small, lightweight and low on hum noise and it needs to be able to generate the net voltage for the USA out of the battery voltage. The toroidal transformer has to be implemented in the car body, best would be in a fitting potting. Thus the transformer should resist crash-tests. The connections may not use a lot of space. The efficiency needs to be extremely high, but the short-circuit voltage may not get too low because of this.


An optimised toroidal transformer, which is built with corded wire for the high current winding. The connection is done with a flat cable and standardised bushings. To increase Uk, a special construction of the primary to secondary winding is made.

Technical data

Primary: 42 VDC modulated to 60 Hz sinusoidal
Secondary: 120 - 0 - 120 V 20 A
Dimensions: diameter 290 mm, height 120 mm
Weight: 30 kg

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