Toroidal transformer with high thermal conductivity

Datasheet as PDF
Midfrequency toroidal transformer potted with high thermal conductive cast resin (TRVFCT)


Special toroidaltransformer


Technical data

Power: 9,3 kVA
Frequency: 10 kHz
Voltage: 71 V : 71 V
Current: 130 A
Cast resin: Epoxy resin
Thermal conductivity of the cast resin: 1,26 W/mK
Heat removal: through the cast resin and an aluminum pot to a chassis plate
Winding: fine wiry HF-litz for a low Rac/Rdc factor
Core: nanocrystalline material VITROPerm
Dimensions: D 210 mm, H 80 mm
Application: resonance converter

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