EI-transformers are the most popular types. Due to the easy processing of the E and I metal sheets and a wide range of available bobbins, EI-transformers can be used for the following fields of applications:

Medical technology:
Defibrillation devices, dental technology and for kidney machines. We are also able to build transformers with low leakage current conform to EN  60742 VDE 0750.

Traffic engineering:
For the railway technology, automotive engineering, aerospace, traffic lights resp. transducers.

Illumination technology:
Conform to EN 60598-2-6 VDE 0711 (Lamps with built-in transformers for light bulbs) EI transformers are suitable for this technology - usually as potted version.

Digital audio technology:
EI transformers are suitable for transducers of 100 V technology. The windings are built up nested to achieve a better transmission of high frequency. Furthermore you find EI-transformers as power transformers in amplifiers.

Photovoltaic systems:
The inverters of photovoltaic systems also use EI transformers. Here the usually low output voltage is transformed to a higher one. The airgap between E and I sheets results in a certain restriction effect, which smoothens voltage peaks.

Automation engineering:
Here you find EI transformers with higher power in open construction as well as potted PCB transformers.

The metrology uses EI transformers as electronic current provisioner for test systems. They redeem the laboratory apparaturs norm DIN EN 61010 VDE 0411.

Domestic devices:
The apparatus engineering of domestic devices and offices equipment prefers EI-transformers, mainly because of the low prices when ordering high numbers. Norms like the domestic appliances norm DIN IEC 65 VDE 0860 as well as the office equipment norm IEC 380 VDE 0806 just as the norm for devices of the information technology EN 60950 VDE 0805 are redeemed.

Welding technology:
Welding equipment of all types, e.g. ultrasonics-, synthetic- or metal welding equipment use EI-transformers with higher or lower power. The air gap caused by the sheet makes EI-types temporary overloadable or saturable.

In switchboards EI transformers are used mostly. Mounting angles whith snap in rails (e.g. TS 35) provide an easy and quick mounting.

Mechanical engineering:
To supply machines like textilemachines they are also used. Furthermore they can be used as HV versions for the paper industry.

Environmental technology:
The applications for environmental technology as well as safety engineering, e.g. vacuum potted, are very prevailing.

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