Isolating transformer with current inrush avoider

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One phase isolating transformers 2000 VA conform to EN 61558-2-6 (TUOKWT)


One phase isolating transformer with current inrush avoider

Technical information

The current inrush avoider is better than a current inrush limiter or a start-up peak limiter. The start-up current peak will be avoided by an intelligent electronic circuit. So it is possible to take a fuse with the nominal value of the primary current. Further information about “current inrush avoider” see also datasheet, manual and application.

Technical data

1AC-isolating transformer with current inrush avoider
open construction
voltage: primary 230 V, secondary 230 V
temperature class: B
max. ambient temperature: 40°C
fire class: UL94V0
prepared for protection index I
frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
high voltage test primary - secondary: 5000 V 50 Hz

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