Threephase transformer muffles noise voltage

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Starpoint creator Zan0

BV 1885100

Customer’s demand

Our three-phase net is operated with low voltages and is rather sensitive when it comes to disturbances from outside. Due to this we need a clean, galvanically separated voltage. No disturbances may be transferred. The transformer should muffle periodic high frequency disturbances and transient voltage impulses evenly well. The stray inductance has to be as small as possible.


The primary winding is completely screened. Downwards a screening against disturbances of the core is made. Upwards any disturbances to the outside are screened. The secondary winding gets a screen, which is connected to “secondary ground”. Thus couplings from the core and primary are narrowed.

Technical data

power: 130 kVA
primary: 3 x 15 V
secondary: 3 x 15 V
vector group: Dy5n
frequency: 16-200 Hz

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