Threephase regulating transformer

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Three-phase regulating transformer

BV 3337001

Customer’s demand

We need a stepless regulation of a three-phase transformer with a power of 15 kVA and a galvanic separation. Monophase unbalanced loads can occur and they need to be supplied by the transformer up to a third of the total power. The voltage needs to be externally adjustable by a motor. Isolating transformer and regulating transformer should be fused by automatic cutouts. In case of emergency the power has to be defeatable instantly. When restarting the system the output voltage should start at zero again. The connections have to be done via standardised plug connection.


We use a toroidal regulating transformer, which is built up by three single transformers. Via a common axis the taps are driven by an actuator to the needed voltage. The motor control has an automatic zero positioning of the toroidal transformers once the system is turned off with the main switch. An emergency switch for every line is mounted. As protection for the regulating transformer we assemble an overvoltage protection with fitting characteristics.

Technical data

Power: 15 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 440 V
Regulating transformer with downstream isolating transformer

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