Threephase star point creator

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Three phase star point creator

BV 14025010

Customer’s demand

We need a 40 kVA transformer, which changes a three-phase delta connection into a net with star point. The transformer should have an on- and off- button and has to be protected from overload. As the transformer will be mounted outside it needs IP 54. Low hum noise is favored. The device will be sent to the USA, thus every material that is used in the device needs to have an UL approval.


We construct a three-phase transformer with zig-zag saver circuit Zan0. The star point can either be fully loaded or one can easily measure asymmetric leakage currents against earth. In this case the star point has to be grounded low-ohmic (NOSPE). On the primary side we mount a circuit breaker with thermo-magnetic trigger. The completely capsuled housing has dimensions appropriate to being able to emit the heat caused by losses also at full load. Rubber insets limit the hum noise.

Technical data

Power: 40 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 230 V
Current: 58 A
Vector group: Zan0
Star point 100% loadable

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