Loss reduced three-phase transformer

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Three-phase transformer for 200 kW inverter

Loss reduced three-phase transforemr for 200 kW inverter

BV 1965006

Customer’s demand

The transformer should be part of a bidirectional four phases inverter. Primary and secondary the customer needs a star connection as vector group. The phase shifting needs to be very small. Power needs to be transferred in both directions. Each phase should be loadable separate with a third of the total power. The dissipation power has to be very small.


A special step core with 45° cuts and thin gills is used for this construction. The lamella core is made of the material M6T35. All mounting components are non magnetic high grade steel. Like this we are able to keep the losses very low. By a perfect optimisation of the core geometry we don’t need many different materials, thus it is possible to get a very good coupling and a low Uk. The coils have the maximum of copper filling by using tape material. Air channels allow a natural cooling by free convection. The total efficiency is at 99%.

Technical data

Power: 200 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 360 V / 440 V
Vector group: YNyn0
Dimensions: 1010 mm x 385 mm x 805 mm
Weight: 884 kg

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