Three-phase test equipment

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Three-phase test equipment

BV 3250034

Customer’s demand

We are looking for three-phase test equipment which is able to measure short circuit currents up to IK 578 A. Furthermore it should be possible to test both one-phase low voltage transformers up to 40 A perma stress, as well as high voltage transformers up to 10 kV 2,5 A. As we also have to do tests with stators the system needs a function which enables a heating of stators up to 130°C with 100 A constant current. The input voltage needs to have an accuracy of +- 0,5%.


The problem was solved with a complex construction and a combination of voltage regulator, variable ratio transformer, high voltage transformer and high current transformer. A three-step switch enables a shifting between high current, low voltage and high voltage. To examine values, several measurement instruments with digital monitoring were mounted, e.g. digital multimeters and temperature measurement devices. Furthermore the system has a digital interface (COM) to connect a computer.

Technical data

3-AC high voltage transformer
Vector group: Yy0n
Voltage primary: 3 x 10 kV +-5%
Voltage secondary: 3 x 400 V
Power: 25 kVA

3-AC high current transformer
Vector group: Dy5n
Voltage primary: 400 V
Voltage secondary: 30 V
Current: 730 A
Power: 38 kVA

3-AC low voltage transformer
Vector group: Dy5n
Voltage primary: 3 x 400 V
Voltage secondary: 3 x 500 V
Current: 40 A
Power: 35 kVA

Voltage regulator
Voltage: 400 V +- 5%
Power: 45/30 kVA

Variable ration transformer
Input voltage: 230 V
Output voltage: 230 V
Current: 43,5 A
Power: 30 kVA

all devices built in a 3 x 19 “ control cabinet with chassis
Connection: Power supply line via a CEEE-plug 63 A and a power switch on the front side of the housing
Sec: High current assembly socket, LV- and HV-socket
Kill-switch and external kill-switch
3 x 4-fold power strip
5 digital measurement instruments for current, voltage, power, frequency and temperature
digital interface (COM) for computer connection

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