Adjustable high current device

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Adjustable high current device

BV 29045001, BV 12029001, BV 11056001

Customer’s demand

For the activation of locos we are looking for an adjustable high current device to do converter tests. The device needs to be portable and light in weight with carrying handles. The current needs to be adjustable from 0 to 1000 A without steps. Even though a measurement does not take a lot of time the device should be safeguarded against longer operation times and short-circuits. The output side needs a safe galvanic separation.


We build a high current transformer 1000 A, which is controlled by a toroidal adjustable transformer. The high current transformer is equipped with a thermal protection, the adjustable transformer with an automatic fuse. The connections are made via high current bushings.

Technical data

Power: 3000 VA
Current: 0 - 1000 A without steps
Input voltage: 230 V
Weight: 30 kg
Test voltage: 3000 V input - output

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