Transformer for grounding and interference measuring

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Grounding measuring transformer


Grounding measuring transformer

BV 29099001

Customer’s demand

For grounding and interference measurements we need a transformer that is able to supply 120 V at 284 A in one phase, without stressing the power supply with unbalanced load. To get detailed measurements we also need graded, smaller voltages, which are adjustable with a toggle. The transformer has to be fused in case of a short circuit, it needs to do a safe galvanic separation and it should be a distinct device in our test laboratory.


A transformer which is connected to the power supply with three phases, but has an one-phase voltage at the output. By using a special vector group we implement a transfer from a three-phase voltage to an one-phase voltage. The safeguarding is done by a motor protection circuit breaker and the switching with a high current switch. Transformer and accessory are built in a housing IP 23. The potential separation reaches 5000 V.

Technical data

3AC-1AC-isolating transformer
Power: 43 kVA
Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Construction: open, vacuum varnished, built in a housing IP 23 RAL 7032
Weight: 192 kg
Copper weight: 46 kg
Vector group: Di

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