Test transformer for test equipment 25 kVA

Datasheet as PDF
Three-phase transformer
3 x 400 V
27 x 115 V
25 kVA


Test equipment
Test equipment

BV 28093001

Fields of application

Test transformer for test equipment, research, development, laboratory, ...

Technical data

Vector group: Dy11n
Voltage primary: 400 V
Voltage secondary: 27 x 115 V
Rated power: up to 25 kVA
Frequency: 50 Hz
Construction: open, built in a housing IP 23 with rolls RAL 7032
Terminals: pri: Power supply line via CEEE-plug 36 A and a power switch on the front side of the housing
                    sec: 27 sockets, 20 A fused by cutouts, 20 A ammeter for each socket, every socket has an illuminated switch
Test voltage: 5000 V pri-sec

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