3 phase - 1 phase precision high current transformer

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Precision high current transformer

BV 1576003

Customer’s demand

For our test lab we need a high current transformer with a voltage of 5 V and a current of 700 A. The small secondaryvoltage has to be adjustable very accurately for our precisionmeasurements. Our wish would be an accuracy of 0,1%. The power supply should be done with a three phase CEE 32 A plug. The connectors for the high current side may be made of copper rails.
Furthermore the whole device should be mobile and may not exceed a specific weight and size. A compliance to all DIN norms is preconditioned.


The high accuracy for the adjustment of the secondary voltage and thus the secondary current is achieved via a coarse adjustment and a fine adjustment. One adjustable transformer is in charge of the coarse part and the second transformer deals with the fine tuning. Only with this interconnection we can redeem an accuracy better than 0,1%.
The high current transformer furthermore allows a secure galvanic separation of the output voltage. By means of a transformer switch relay we are able to avoid starting current (even during load). Thus the usual main fuses won‘t react during the starting process.
The complete unit is built in a steel housing (protection index IP 23) with wheels for an easy transport. 

Technical data

Power: P = 3500 VA
Current: I = 0 - 700 A
Input voltage: U = 3 x 400 V
Weight: G = 180 kg
Dimensions: 950 x 660 x 720 mm

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