Three-phase variable ratio transformer 86 kVA

Datasheet as PDF

Three-phase variable ratio transformer

BV 11044001

Customer’s demand

For our test bay we need an adjustable transformer with three-phases and low losses to continually adjust the voltage. The voltage should be adjusted by a pushbutton and a device should monitor it. Additionally it should be displayed if there is voltage on the three-phases. When connecting to the mains there may not be any current inrush and the three-phase variable ratio transformer has to be fused. The device should generate 160 kVA power for a short term of one minute.


With several connected toroidal transformers we build up the three-phase set. The accurate rotary adjustment is done by a motor. The fuse and the overload are coordinated.

Technical data

Three-phase variable ratio transformer
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 0...400/430 V AC
Current: 72 AAC
built in a housing, including motor drive
Weight: 348 kg

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