Adjustable transformer without inrush current

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Switching transformer free of commutation currents

Adjustable transformer without inrush current and switching current

BV 11046001

Customer demand

We are looking for an isolation transformer with 7 different input voltages as power supply of our sensitive ACDC unit. The voltages must be switchable at the housing during operation. It is important that the switching procedure does not cause any inrush current as the connected equipment is very delicate. The transformer should be mounted in a mobile housing for transportation.


The transformer is designed individually according customer wish with a current inrush limiter. For the primary voltages we use a step switch with 8 steps. The switching procedure is only possible if the corresponding interlock on the switch is activated. This separates the transformer from the mains for a moment and consequently the TSRL can magnetise the transformer again when “turns on” anew. Like this the current

Technical data

Power: 6500 VA
Primary: 0-219-221-223-225-225-230-233 V
Secondary: 180 V 35 V
with TSRL and step switch
no current inrush when switching step

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