High current high power transformer 66 kW

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High current high power transformer 66 kW

BV 2178007 (66 kVA, 10 kA), BV 17048001 (12 kVA, 3 kA)

Customer demand

For our lab we need a special high current transformer that generates 10.000 A with a power of 66 kVA on one-phase. As our net can not deal with big unbalanced loads the transformer should be connected to three phases, but the output should be only one phase. The load of the three phases on net has to be at most evenly. The behaviour under load is not fully known and as these high currents are very similar to a short-circuit, a good thermal control is absolutely necessary. The transformer can only be cooled by air. The secondary potential needs a high separation from the mains supply to avoid current leaks and loop currents.


We build the transformer in a three-phase to one-phase circuit which makes it possible to do the high current winding with only one turn. This one 10.000 A turn is made of aluminium. It also has mechanical and thermal functions by solidifying the construction and dissipating heat via the connectors. For a thermal supervision we use temperature switches and PT100 probes and like this we reach a conditional resistance to short-circuiting. By optimising the construction we also reach the necessary galvanic separation of 5000 V between input and output.

Technical data

Power: 66 kVA
Input: 3 x 400 V three-phase
Output: 10.000 A one-phase
dimensions: 640 x 310 x 500 mm
Weight: 160 kg

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