EMC-three-phase lab transformer 12,5 kVA

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Three-phase lab transformer

BV 1456002

Customer’s demand

We are active in the aviation section and need a mobile three phase isolating transformer with transmission 1 : 1 for our EMC lab. The transformer should generate several three phase and one phase voltages that are potential separated. High unbalanced loads on one phase should be possible. The circuits have to be fused separately and the three phase transformer must have couplings and sockets.


We build a three phase isolating transformer with vector group Dy5n, cooling canals and a safe galvanic separation with 5 kV dielectric strength and slight smoothing of voltage peaks caused by the power supply. The transformer losses in total are only 2% or 250 W under full load. The lab transforemr gets a three phase 32 A connection, a three phase 16 A connection and three one phase 10 A connections. The IP 23 steel housing is additionally equipped with steering rollers and trestle rollers. On the front wall it has several CEE sockets. Integrated automatic circuit breakers with slow-blowing characteristics protect the circuits.

Technical data

Power: 12,5 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 400 V
Dimensions: 670 x 512 x 627 mm
Weight: ca. 200 kg

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