Portable toroidal transformer for heating coil welder

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Portable toroidal transformer

BV 1624047/048

Customer’s demand

The conjunction technology for pipe systems is a technologically sophisticated topic. For our heating coil welders we are looking for a transformer which reliably supplies the needed welding current. As the device will be used on construction sites or for service repairs, it needs to be light weight and simultaneously solid. Environmental influences like humidity and dirt may not harm the transformer. It also needs to be able to temporary deal with multiple overload without failure. The voltage has to remain stable, the percental short-circuit voltage has to be very small.


We built a toroidal transformer which is adjustable optimally to the shape of the housing. For a solid mounting the transformer is potted in the basic housing. To optimise the thermal properties the biggest part of the transformer surface only has a protective lacquer coat.

Technical data

Power: 3800 VA
Current: 48 A
Input voltage: 230 V
Weight: 25 kg
Uk = 1,5%
Cooling: through ventilation via rest hole

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