Measurement technology 0,07 dB 15 Hz up to 150 Hz

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BV 15011005

Alternative with terminals

Alternative version with terminals, BV 2914116 (left) or BV 2914111 (right)

Customer’s demand

For our new measurement device program we are looking for a transformer which has less than 0,07 dB voltage drop within a frequency range of 15 Hz up to 150 Hz. The primary impedance has to be lower than 0,5 Ohm.


A cut core with very low iron losses and a good coupling.

Technical data

1AC-transformer 15 Hz up to 150 Hz
Weight: 6 kg
Frequency response: linear < 0,07 dB
Power: 100 VA

Measurement technology with high accuracy

measurement technology with high accuracy

BV 26068001


Fot special appliances in the wind power technology. Threephase transformers with high accuracy for measurement purposes.

Technical data each single transformer

Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
p: 400 V
s: 231 V
Power: 3 VA
Weight: 2,2 kg

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