Choke for auxiliary supply as railway application

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Choke for auxiliary supply as railway application

BV 2937006b

Customer’s demand

For auxiliary supply for railway application we are in need of a choke which is arranged at the input of an inverter. The device should be connected between a high-voltage transformer and an input rectifier. The choke needs a construction that makes it work as a “booster choke” and simultaneously limits the commutation currents of the rectifier.


A space saving construction makes it possible to redeem the limited requirements to space as well as the electrical requirements. The core is a thin tape magnetic core with optimisation for the air gap. The windings have low skin- and proximity losses.

Technical data

Inductance: L >= 375 µH
Frequency: 50 Hz
400 A @ 50 Hz
30 A @ 2850 Hz
Construction: open
Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 420 x 245 x 330 mm
Terminals: free wires

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