Three-phase transformer with temperature sensor

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3 x 415 V / 3 x 400 V / 30 kVA

three-phase transformer with temperature sensor
three-phase transformer vector group


Three-phase temperature regulator for e.g. test equipment, measurement- and regulation installations, research, development, laboratory,...

Application and description of temperature control

The resistor relay type MSF 220 K is particularly qualified to survey dry transformers. It’s a low-cost construction without the loss of survey safety and reliability. The relay for the tripping (alarm 2) won’t show any error message during the power activation. A time relay that is connected in series and operates delayed is not necessary. Due to this it is possible to install these devices even if the control voltage is generated by the observed transformer. With the integrated “test” button, devices and downstream systems can be observed easily. Additional terminals allow a comfortable pull of the control voltage to the relay K1 and/or K2.

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