Highvoltagetransformer 30 kV

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High voltage transformer 30 kV

BV 18082003

Customer’s demand

For our indoor test elements we need a high voltage transformer with 30 kVAC and an additional auxiliary winding for transducers close to ground potential. A small base area would be appreciated and the transformer may not have any oil. The device needs to be able to generate 250 mA constantly at 30 kV.


We build a dry cast resin transformer with very low layer voltage and an upright structure. Due to the design height it is easy to maintain all necessary safety distances.

Technical data

Power: 7610 VA
Primary: 220 V
Secondary 1: 30 kV 0,25 A
Secondary 2: 110 V 1,0 A
Dimensions: 600 x 230 x 1030 mm
Weight: 120kg

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