Isolating transformer 75 kVDC potential

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Isolating transformer 75 kVDC Potential

BV 2903100

Customer’s demand

For the electrical connection of our electronics in the 75 kV hotbox we need an isolating transformer with min. 75 kVDC isolation to earth and a power of 80 kVA. As our system is built rather f lat, the max. height may only be 1200 mm. The fault current at max. isolating voltage may not be higher than 50 µA. All windings need to be screened.


A dry cast resin transformer with suitable isolation made of resin with highest dielectric strength. The potting is done with temperature and pressure in an autoclave. The setup of the winding is optimised for highest voltage isolation while maintaining good coupling.

Technical data

Power: 80 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 400 V max 115 A
Isolating voltage: 75 kVDC
Dimensions: 1550 x 1050 x 1020 mm
Weight: 1600kg

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