Surge voltage proof high voltage isolating transformer

Transformer primary and secondary part have high transient isolating voltage of 40 kV
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Surge proof transformer

BV 1251103

Customer’s demand

Our devices are operated in areas with high risk of explosion such as the mining industry. We need a transformer that can transform the primary voltrage of 3300 to one phase mains voltage of 230 V. At the same time fluctuation voltages and voltage peaks of up to 40.000 V need to be blocked and stopped by the transformer isolation.


We developed a transformer which has very high dielectric strength both on primary and secondary. It is designed to withstand surge voltages of 40 kV. The complicated demand for high isolation with very little volume is done by optimising the combination of foil isolation, vacuum potting, screening and field control.

Technical data

Power: 740 VA
Primary: 3300 V
Secondary 1: 0-20-24 V 1,66 A
Secondary 2: 200 V 2 A
Secondary 3: 230 V 1,3 A
Surge voltage proof: 40 kV
Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 200 mm
Weight: 23 kg

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