Isolation transformer for high potential measurements

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High potential transformer for measurement devices

BV 16030001

Customer’s demand

For the power supply of our measurement devices on high potential against earth we need a power high potential isolating transformer. The measurement devices are used in a synchro cyclotron and should be isolated safely against potential fluctuations.


We developed a service-free isolating transformer with cast resin. The resin is filled with alu-trhydroxides and has high thermoconductivity as well as high dielectric strength. Due to an optimised geoemtrical design we reach an optimal coupling of the windings and thus a high effectivity even though we have a rather thick isolation.

Technical data

Power: 50 kVA
Primary: 3 x 380 V
Secondary: 3 x 380 V max. 76 A
Isolating voltage: 70 kVDC
Test voltage: 110 kVDC
Dimensions: 1400 x 950 x 980 mm
Weight: 550 kg

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