Toroidal transformer for low and high voltage supply

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Toroidal transformer for low and high voltage supply

BV 1577001b

Customer’s demand

For the power supply of our electronicx we need several voltages. Additionally our electronic microscope needs to be operated with high voltage.


We build a toroidal transformer which can generate low voltage and high voltage simultanously. To redeem the necessary air and creepage distances the connectors are lead with maximum possible distance. A thick isolation between the low and the high voltage makes it possible to manage the needed dielectric strength.

Technical data

Primary: 230 V
Secondary 1: 2 x 19 V 0,25 A
Secondary 2: 9 V 0,25 A
Secondary 3: 30 V 0,02 A
Secondary 4: 1600 V 0,02 A
Secondary 5: 18 V 0,1 A
Power: 46,2 VA
Dimensions: Ø105 mm x 40 mm
Weight: 1 kg

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