Toroidal isolating transformer 10 kVDC

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Toroidal isolating transformer 10 kVDC

BV 2515001

Customer’s demand

Toroidal isolating transformer 10 kVDC for forwards and backwards operation.
We are a supplier for devices to analyse and monitor HV cables. The quality of the cables should be evaluated with a dielectric measurement. For this we need a potentialfree mains voltage of 230 V which lies 10 kV above ground potential. Forwards and backwards operation must be possible. Thus the voltage factor should be rather small. The transformers rated power is only at 20 VA.


We build a 10 kV DC isolation transformer in toroidal version. Like this the losses are small and as a follow up the voltage factor as well. Built in PT 100 sensors make it possible to notice and measure temperature rises in the transformer instantly. Faulty measurements of the cables can be avoided because of this.

Technical data

Primary: 230 V
Secondary: 230 V
Power: 20 VA
Isolating voltage: 10 kV DC
Dimensions: Ø100 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 1 kg

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