High voltage transformer 40 kV 4000 VA

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High voltage transformer

BV 17061003

Customer’s demand

For our test system we need a high voltage transformer that turns the 230 V 50 Hz mains voltage into 40 kV. The constant load current should be 100 mA at 40 kV. The transformer has to be maintenance-free and due to environmental reasons we may not use any oil. Furthermore it should be operated in the lab directly on the industrial net.


High voltage transformer with 40 000 V 4000 VA as cast resin version.
We build a cast resin transformer which has small electrical fields and a winding low on capacity due to the geometrical outlay. The magnetic core design smoothes voltage peaks and additionally we mounted an overvoltage protection. The electrical insulation of the high voltage winding consists of epoxy cast resin with a high dielectric strength, small polarisation and bubble free cast. A further acoustic insulation reduces hum noises.

Technical data

Primary: 230 V
Secondary: 40 kV
Power: 4000 VA
Dimensions: 435 x 410 x 1030 mm
Weight: 270 kg

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