HV-transformer 100 kV AC in oil

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High voltage transformer in oil

BV 2408001

Customer’s demand

We need a high voltage transformer for a frequency range of 50 - 400 Hz as well as an output voltage of 100 kV AC. Environmental characteristics can be ignored. Thus the transformer can be an oil construction. The high voltage has to be measurable without any probe.


We build a high voltage transformer with a secondary winding that is grounded on one side. The other side is the high voltage pole. For an easy measurement of the high voltage we manufacture a measurement winding with ratio 1 : 1000 that is close to earth. The transformer is operated completely in oil. This leads to a good high voltage isolation as well as a good heat removal.

Technical data

Primary: 300 VAC @ 50 - 400 Hz
Secondary: 100 kV AC
Power: 7500 VA
in oil, with measurement winding 1 : 1000

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