Highvoltage transformer, t=200, low stray-field

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High voltage transformer

BV 1983001

Customer’s demand

By using an inverter-type direct current voltage (24 VDC) a high voltage of 2000 VAC should be generated. Requirements for the to be developed transformer are:
- low scattering
- good coupling
- low leakage inductance
- low inductance parts
- low capacitive parts
- low no-load to charged ratio
- isolating voltage PRI-SEC 6 kV


To generate a high voltage as distortion-free as possible at a comparatively low power, an EI-core with high quality was used. Due to the high transmission ratio (from 11 V to 2000 V) and the requirement to a good coupling, a special winding technique is used. This guarantees the necessary minimal distances to the input as well as to the core and thus flashovers are avoided. With a potting process under vacuum the required isolating voltage of 6 kV can be accomplished - the chosen housing construction makes a mounting in the respective application possible without any further problems.

Technical data

Primary: 11 VAC @50/60 Hz
Secondary: 2000 V AC
Power: 6 VA
Isolating voltage: 6 kV AC
Dimensions: 94 x 61 x 59 mm

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