Three-phase toroidal transformer 50 kVDC isolation

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Isolating transformer for KATRIN, three-phase high potential transformer 50 kVDC with 22 kVA power for the Neutrimo experiment



Three-phase toroidal transformer 50 kVDC isolation

BV 21023001

Customer’s demand

The Karlsruher Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN) is meant to directly determine the electron neutrino mass. The decay of radioactive tritium is measured with an accuracy of 0,2 eV.
Electromagnetic or electrostatic disturbances may not be able to intrude from the outside. The test devices need a power supply on 50 kV potential above earth. The total power in three-phase connection is at 22 kVA.


We build three 50 kVDC isolation transformers as toroidal construction. Like this a low stray field is already secured. To reduce this stray field even further, we mount the transformers into special screening pots made of highly permeable mu metal. The primary and secondary windings are adiotnally screened with a static screen. Three current inrush avoiders for the three phases make a fusing on rated current possible.

Technical data

Power: 22 kVA
Isolating voltage: 50 kVDC
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 3 x 400 V

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