High potential - high voltage transformer

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High potential / high voltage transformer with 40 kVDC isolating voltage and 2 kVAC natural voltage



High potential - high voltage transformer

BV 2669016

Customer’s demand

We now offer new overvoltage protectors and new devices for high net- and signal quality to our customers. Overvoltages are potential interference factors which especially cause harm if a permanent availability is expected of the affected device or the system. As a result you have not only some downtime, but also a lot of expenditures for replacement and reparation.
To properly test our newly developed devices we need a test transformer. While being on a high potential of 40 000 V a voltage of 2 x 1000 V with 2,5 A should be generated. The transformer is used for the laboratory test and routine tests. A mains back coupling of the test voltage has to be avoided.


We build a screened isolation transformer which is able to generate 2 x 1000 V AC while being on the high potential of 40 kV DC. Our transformer has very low leakage current, is free of partial discharge and has a small coupling capacity. The isolation is reached by vacuum potting and is constructed for continuous power. All terminals are connected on threaded bolts.

Technical data

Power: 5000 VA
Isolating voltage: 40 kVDC
Internal stress: 2 kVAC
Primary: 400 V
Secondary: 2 x 1000 V
Dimensions: 470 x 565 x 380 mm

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