HV toroidal transformer in a 19"-insertion 3kV 50 kVDC

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Static and magnetic screened high potential separating transformer as toroidal construction conform to VDE 0570 EN 61558



HV toroidal transformer

BV 3305002

Customer’s solution

We are in need of a power supply with 3 kVA power and 50 kV DC over earth potential. Our sensitive measurement devices may not be interfered by stray fields of the transformer. Line disturbances should be filtered and the isolating transformer has to be safeguarded by the rated current. A 19” aluminium housing should be used for the installation.


We build a high potential isolating transformer with a low stray field toroidal construction. Additionally the transformer is mounted in a screening housing made of mu-metal and as last it is placed in a 19” housing. A current inrush avoider is set in front of the primary winding to be able to safeguard with the rated current. The high voltage output is feasible by a HV-transit and with HV-laces.

Technical data

Frequency: 50 Hz up to 60 Hz
Test voltage: 60 kVDC
Isolating voltage: 50 kVDC
Primary: 230 V
Secondary: 230 V
max. ambient temperature: 40°C
Magnetic screening by mu-metal housing
Static screening by a primary and secondary screen
Safeguarding with the rated current is possible by using a current inrush avoider

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