Transf. f. auxiliary energy, high potential 30-50 kVDC

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High potential transformer

BV 13056001 / BV 1964006

Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 65 mm

Customer’s demand

We have to transmit the auxiliary energy to high potential. Therefore we need a highly insulating transformer which translates from 230 V to 300 V but is able to do a galvanic separation at 30 kV DC. The power is only 9 VA. To guarantee an absolutely secure separation, the partial discharge may not be higher than 10 pC at 14 kV eff. The transformer needs a shielding to keep the linking of distortions low.


A transformer which is able to keep the electric fields as low as possible by using field distributors. The primary winding and the secondary winding are each shielded. The vacuum potting is done with a well adhering, soft cast resin. The resin is transparent to make an additional optic control of the potting possible.

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