Toroidal high current transformer 1 winding

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Toroidal high current transformerhs123

BV 30051005, 30051001 und BV 19078001

Customer’s demand

Tuck through high current transformer with one winding.
We need an AC high current source for our measurement field to be able to test cables. The high current wire, the connector and the winding should be very simple. To have a precise measurement we need a test current of over 3000 A and 7300 A. The transformer that generates this current should be built overload proof in case of measuring defect components. The AC frequency is at around 50 to 250 Hz and is generated by an inverter that works with 4 kHz harmonics.


We build a toroidal high current transformer. The secondary winding is made of a thick wire with only one winding and serves simultanously as connector and input. To avoid overload we implement a temperature monitoring with several sensors. The galvanic separation makes it possible to reach SELV safety low voltage on the high current side. The design of core and winding makes the operation with 4 kHz harmonics possible.

Technical data

BV 30051001
Power: 4,5 kVA
Primary: 400 V
Dimensions: Ø275 x 135 mm
size for 1,5 V 3000 A at 1 winding
weight: 20 kg

BV 3414002
Power: 11 kVA
Primary: 550 V
Dimensions: Ø450 x 155 mm
size for 1,5 V 7333 A at 1 winding
weight: 80 kg

BV 19078001
Power: 8 kVA
Primary: 100 V
Secondary: 2 V 4000 A @ 50 Hz
2 V 1000 A @ 1 kHz
Dimensions: Ø335 x 116 mm without secondary
weight: 60 kg

More BVs: 30051005, 21004001



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