High current toroidal, low dispersion and compact

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High current toroidal transformer

BV 2914108a

Customer’s demand

For a testing plant we need a high current transformer with rather low total capacity and low total weight. The operating frequency should range from 45 up to 100 Hz. The outer strayfield has to be very low. The high current connectors should be distributed equally around the perimeter to save space.


We use the toroidal construction. The high current winding is divided into 13 wire bundles. Like this an equal and space-saving winding is possible and it still has the required cross section. The coupling is very good and the strayfield is very low due to the distributed winding.

Technical data

Primary: 330 Veff
Secondary: 15 V
Power: 5250 VA
Current: 350 Aeff
Frquency: 45 - 100 Hz
Weight: 37 kg

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