Adjustable high current device

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Adjustable high current deviceAdjustable high current transformer

BV 11056001 und BV 1331001

Customer’s demand

For material testing we need an adjustable high current transformer with 1000 A. All settings and connections need to be on top of the device. A measurement of the current at the output has to be possible.


An adjustable auto transformer controls the high current transformer. The output current is measured with a current transducer. The output is connected via high current clamps.

Technical data

Power: 3 kVA
Primary: 0 - 230 V
Secondary: 0 - 4 V
Current: 1000 A
Weight: 50 kg
with toroidal regulating transformer

Power: 8 kVA
Primary: 400 V
Secondary: 0 - 4 V
Current: 2000 A
Weight: 180 kg
with toroidal regulating transformer

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