DC high current transformer with B6U rectifier

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High current transformer with rectifier

BV 2680001a
BV 2680002

Customer’s demand

For a biological analysis our customer needs 600 A direct current with a small voltage of 2 V. The residual ripple should be small. There is a three-phase port available.


We construct a three-phase high current transformer which supplies a B6U rectifier. Due to the B6U circuit the residual ripple is small without any further steps. As there is danger of fire because of high welding currents in case of short circuit, we mount the rectifier unit in a special
well-ventilated housing.

Technical data

Power: 3,24 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Voltage: 2 V DC
Current: 600 A DC
Weight: 100 kg
Vector group B6U

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