High current transformer without unbalanced load

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High current transformer without unbalanced load

BV 1606001

Customer’s demand

We are in need of a single-phase high-current transformer which can be three-phase connected without any unbalanced load. The current should be at 500 A and has to serve as resistive heating. Temporary overload should be possible. Secondary sided current and voltage should be displayed.


A high-power transformer which is able to distribute the load three-phase to single-phase on the three primary coils even by using a special vector group. To cope with overload thermal driven fans are mounted. To customer’s demand, the connections are made as high current cables.

Technical data

Frequency range: 50 - 60 Hz
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: 1 x 6 V 500 A
max. ambient temperature: 40°C
Display instruments: for current and voltage
Housing: IP 23
Connection cables: each 2 x 95 qmm
Overload possible by temperature protection fans

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