Datasheet MF transformer as PDF


High current mid frequency transformers

BV 2128008a

Customer’s demand

We need a transformer for a plasma supply with 32 kHz and 200 A. The supply should be built up symmetrically and it should be interfered with a direct current of 100 A.


We build a transformer with a ferrite core E 80/38/20 with each 2 cores on top of each other. The secondary winding is done by one winding with central tapping. For a better coupling the primary winding is built up interlaced and is done with a high frequency wire to avoid proximity and skin losses. The secondary winding furthermore has mechanical and thermal functions by stabilizing the construction and channeling off heat via the connectors.

Technical data

Power: 3 kVA
Frequency: 32 kHz
Input: 480 V
Output voltage: 10-0-10 V
Output current: 200 A AC and 2 x 100 A DC
Dimensions: 127 x 127 x 117 mm
Weight: 2 kg

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