Wage moulding

Wage moulding with PU-potting compound for electrical engineering, sensor engineering, automobile engineering, transformers, capacitors, cables and light engineering. For our costumers we provide potting of an external component. Datasheet as PDF

Wage moulding

Protect your valuable electronics against heat, cold, humidity and chemical substances.
Improve the function and prolong the lifetime of your premium components.

Possible amount

1 up to several 100 000 pieces

max. dimensions of pottable pieces

B 300 mm x L 460 mm x H 130 mm


vacuum potting, max. 3 mbar remaining pressure

Type of potting

Components are dried, tempered, vacuum potted and tempered a second time with 80°C to achieve an absolute non-porous potting.


fully automatic, sequences saved on computers

Potting compound

Polyurethane (default type)

Potting components




Temperatureclass conform to IEC 85

B (125°C)


UL94 V0



Test instructions

Shore hardness A/D

40 +/-4

ISO 868, DIN 53455

Tensile strength

6,3 +/-0,6 N/mm²

DIN 53455

Thermal expansion


20 - 100°C

Thermal conductivity

0,49 W/mK

VDE 0304, Tl. 1

Dielectric strength

22 kV/mm

DIN 243
VDE 0303, Tl. 2

Volume resistivity

3*1013 Ohm/cm

IEC 93
VDE 0303, Tl. 3

Dielectric permittivity 


IEC 250
VDE 0303, Tl. 4

Dielectric dissipation factor tan delta


IEC 250
VDE 0303, Tl. 4



If there is no moulding case available it is possible that our tool making section builds potting forms. With a small series, this is cheaper than a die-casting case. Please send a request.

Examples of wage moulding
Potting of piezo ceramic actuators for rotor blades of an helicopter with electric flap drive

The control is done by three flap modules attached to the backside edge of each rotor blade. The blades have integrated piezo ceramic actuators, which react with a change of length to variable electric voltages. Like this the rotor flaps are moved about 15 - 40 times per second.

For the future the primary goal of this innovative control method is to reduce the relatively high noises of the rotor blade peak vortex, which are system related for helicopters during the flight. Even though the limits are already underbidden by today the reduction should reach a level which is clearly below the limiting values of modern Eurocopter helicopters.

Contemporary the vibrations that have an effect on components and passengers should be decreased remarkably. This will increase the flight comfort and the limit of performance of future helicopters. Furthermore the commercial use of helicopters will benefit.

Potting of piezo ceramic actuators

BV 1559008

Further example: magnetic coil BV 35097001
Magnetic coil

HV-connector 20 kV BV 29094001
Dimensions: 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm
HV connector

Three-phase power supply for aerospace

Potted with a cast resin that is cold resistant down to -70°C

Three-phase power supply

Technical data

Shore hardness: A33
Density: 0,96 g/cm²
Tensile strength: 1 N
Ultimate elongation: 150%
Glass transition: -78°C
Insulating class: E
Thermal conductivity: 0,2 W/mK
Absorption of water: 10 mg at 20°C
Dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm
Surface resistance: 1013 Ohm

BV 23065001c

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