Software for the design of chokes

On 24.7.2000 we bought a new software with which we are able to optimise and construct

one winding chokes

  • smoothing chokes
  • commutation chokes
  • LC-filter chokes
  • motorfilter chokes and many more

two winding chokes

  • current compensated chokes
  • zero current wave chokes
  • lock chokes
  • fluctuation chokes

Send a request if interested. An offer for you will always have a technical calculation and optimisation as basis. More information can be found at

Software for the construction of HF transformers up to 250 MHz

To develop, calculate and dimension high frequency transformers and inverters, we have a new software since march 1999. This makes an optimisation of 50 Hz components possible. Before the manufacturing process everything can be simulated on the computer. With the calculation results of operating temperature, electrical data while operation and mechanical data we can determine the characteristics and adapt them to the needs. Like this we can already offer alternatives while still in the offering process.

Software to calculate large transformers 11/2002

Large transformers don’t have standardised lamination cores, usually it is metal sheets that are placed in the needed positions. We calculate resp. produce large transformers up to 100 kVA as dry transformers with cooling channels. Neutral cooling has to be possible. By using those cooling channels the size of the transformers can decrease and they weigh less - furthermore the price decreases.

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