Sales meeting

The goal of the meeting: Representation of the new and best products to the representatives, product training and information about the company
The sales meeting 2007 was held at the hotel Gross in Ringelai. Visitors were Mr. Konz and Mr. Schöller from our Swabian representatives MKI Stuttgart, Mr. Fedtke, our Hessian sales engineer and Mr. Burgert, our representative for Bavaria and Austria. Mr. Camenzind from Hutmacher und Schlund from Switzerland visited and Mr. Perske, in charge of the area Hannover-Berlin. Furthermore the managers of our Czech subsidiary TBP, Mr. and Mrs. Panec visited as well.

Sales meeting 2007

Alexander Geis and Heinz Berger talked about Sinusfilter

Our internal staff worked on the representations as well: Monika Schütz (order processing), Alexander Geis (technician in the work preparation), Jürgen Strunz (quality manager and potting technician) and Uwe Ilg (master of apparatus engineering). 9 presentations with pictures and processing showed the work of the employees. Mrs. Schütz showed with numbers how good the sales developed in the past years. Mr. Geis explained the function of sinusoidal filters, while Mr. Strunz showed the new possibilities of vacuum potting. Mr. Ilg showed a few examples of his work. The further new products and the catalogue was presented by manager Heinz Berger.


The office team short before take-off

As our representative Stephan Konz is pilot of a helicopter, he visited us using it. On the later afternoon, Mr. Konz and Mr. Berger invited the employees to sightseeing flights over the Bavarian Forest. Take-off was at the small airport in Grafenau. Rachel to Donau, everything could be seen. A lot of them enjoyed flying so much, that they even participated twice. 1 time with the Cessna, 1 time with the helicopter. With a barbecue the day slowly ended.

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