Internships, diploma, bachelor and master projects

To permanently improve our products we work non stop on new materials, optimised constructions and calculations. We invite students to do internships in our company or write their diploma work here. Internships, diploma, bachelor and master projects are usually well paid by us.

Internships for students and technicians

1. Literature research
About thermoplastic silicon elastomers used as insulation for small transformers

2. Market research
Pot choke pots for pot chokes used for power application for example in photovoltaic systems with new, loss reduced materials

Internships concerning our products
3. Absorption of water

Long term trials about the absorption of water in polyurethane cast resins.
Design of crossovers on insulation parts by redeeming or optimising the insulation classes IP conform to 40050.

4. Calculation of inductive components - sinusoidal filter
Basic harmonics
Harmonics calculation
Adapting inverter characteristics
Calculation of frequency inverters with 20 kHz or higher

5. Hydrophobe surfaces - research about lotus effect lacquers
For the usage on metal surfaces
For electric insulation systems
Tests with lotus effect lacquers on inductive components

Internships for our production technology
none available at the moment

Bachelor, master or diploma topics

1. Insulation systems and diagnosis
Optimisation of the surface protection of transformers or inductive components that are placed in humid ambient
Task description
Large distribution transformers, inductive components in the automotive area or for railway applications are exposed to difficult environment issues like humidity or dirt. The surface protection has a high influence on the ageing and thus the lifetime of inductive components. We are developing a new surface protection with super hydrophobic characteristics similar to the lotus effect. Researches for appropriate materials need to be done. The items have to go through tests under multiple stress like humidity and electric stress. High voltage measurements for partial discharge need to be done.
You are short before finishing university, electrical engineering

2. Optimisation of inductive components - saturation strong iron core chokes
Calculation basics for saturation strong iron core chokes
Limits and possibilities of the calculation with standard software
Calculation via electromagnetic fields
Harmonics and peak current calculation

3. Optimisation of inductive components - high voltage transformers
Research of the winding construction
Construction and influence of the iron core
HV winding grounding and its effects

4. Research of the fields in high voltage transformers and high potential transformers
FieldsDiploma work

5. Concept and construction of a choke test system up to 10 000 A
Iron core chokes and air chokes

6. Construction of a test system for large transformers up to 250 kVA
Load simulation by switching into the company net

7. Optimisation of cooling channels of dry power transformers

8. Thermal behaviour of three-phase transformers from 100 kVA up to 250 kVA - calculation and practical measurement

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